Looks Promising

I’ve had some computer issues and got busy fishing so I’ve slacked off on the reports. Last year was definitely a slower than normal year for us down in Venice. The tuna were around but not in the numbers that were used to. The size was better than normal. We caught a lot of fish over 100lbs but didn’t see the school sized fish. The good news is I’ve seen a lot of school sized fish early this year so the spring and summer should be strong. Lots of fish in the 30lb range around right now and we should see those fish grow quickly through the year.

On another note, we had a great season for wahoo. Good numbers and plenty of big fish up to 80lbs. They’re still around right now but they will likely be leaving in the next few weeks. There’s some good clean water pushing in right now even with all the big river water. We’re seeing some really pretty current lines with grass on them. As it gets warmer, bait and mahi will be showing up in good numbers.

As for the bottom fishing, this year we will have the longest red snapper season that we’ve had in 6 years. It will be open in federal water from June 1 to August 1. Amberjack will open August 1 and will stay open until the quota is met for the year.

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