Coronavirus=stellar Tuna fishing

The corona virus couldn’t have hit us at a worse time. We were in the middle of the best giant tuna bite we have ever seen. I’m pretty sure more 200+ pound yellowfin tuna were caught in a 2 week stretch than in the past 5 years combined. The state never actually shut down the ability to fish but it made it too difficult for customers to come down to Venice. So I didn’t get many chances to fish but when I did it was great.
Now moving into May, Venice Marina has opened back up and I’m starting to book trips again. Unfortunately, the big fish bite is done, but the school sized yellowfins are on fire. We’re mostly fishing the floaters with live pogies but the chum is working as well. Some days we have been able to catch as many tuna as we wanted then go fishing for something else in the afternoon.
Amberjack season opened on May 1 and they’ve been biting well also. The last 2 trips, I saw a really pretty blue water rip line that had some small mahi on it. That should get even better as we get into the summer.

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